Welcome to the future of Agile coaching and advisoring

This is where we are building your future AI-powered, virtual, Agile advisor.

On this site, we just launched our virtual agile coach. On the front page, you can meet her — our AI-powered consultant in everything agile. We are training her. She is ready to help you out with your challenges related to Agile, like Scrum team issues, leadership concerns, guidance on frameworks (like Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, all the different scaling frameworks, etc.), agile book recommendations, or just a good chat with an agile fellow who understands. Not many really do.

In summary, she is a proficient Agile Coach with years of experience, just like your human Ugilic consultants.
Try presenting her with the same challenges or questions you would have for any other Agile coach or advisor.

She possesses comprehensive training in Agile methodologies, including an in-depth knowledge of esteemed authors and literature. She recognizes the pioneers of Agile and the importance of frequent delivery of business value by self-organizing agile teams. We are teaching her our own experiences (good and bad) from the real world. She knows our experiences with agile transitions and change processes, successful leadership paradigms, and sound agile values and principles. She can even help you build your next high-performance team if you ask her. And coach you in leading them afterward.

Please note: Even though she is highly trained, she is still a newborn with much to learn. She is an experiment, a permanent beta version. An MVP, if you prefer. Undergoing continuous improvement, continuously. It’s not a phase; it’s a condition.

After trying the chatbot and understanding its capabilities, please share your experiences and thoughts with us by using the feedback form below the chatbot 🙏







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