Say ‘hi’ to your future AI-powered Agile advisor

Welcome. This is where we are building the future virtual Agile advisor and consultant. It’s powered by the latest AI technology and trained on Ugilic’s 10+ years real-world experience with complex Agile transitions and thousands of hours used on agile coaching, advisory, and training.

It’s 100 % free, confidential (your prompts will NOT be used by OpenAI for training ChatGPT!), and professional.

It’s ready to help you out with your challenges or concerns related to Agile.

What is this?

The virtual consultant is a replica of a physical Ugilic consultant.
It’s a proficient Agile Coach with years of experience, just like your human Ugilic consultants. It’s free, helpful, and professional.
Try presenting it with the same challenges or questions you would have for any other agile coach, consultant, advisor, or trainer.


What can I ask it about?

Ask her anything related to Scrum team issues, leadership challenges, guidance on frameworks (like Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, or all the different scaling frameworks), agile book recommendations, or just a good chat with an agile fellow who understands. Not many really do.

How did you train it?

The virtual agile consultant possesses comprehensive training in Agile methodologies, including an in-depth knowledge of esteemed authors and literature.

It recognizes the pioneers of Agile and the importance of frequent delivery of business value by self-organizing agile teams. It knows the importance of close collaboration with users and customers.

But most importantly, the virtual consultant knows that becoming (more) Agile is all about people.

How is it better than ChatGPT?

In so many ways! (Not according to us but the feedback from our users.)

First of all, your prompts are not used for training ChatGPT! Your prompts are confidential and not included in OpenAI’s training data – contrary to what you tell ChatGPT.

Second, ChatGPT is biased toward whatever is shared on the internet, which mainly is positive stories about successes. Not many people are sharing what NOT to do. Which, paradoxically, is what one needs to know in order to avoid repeating the mistakes of others. We trained it on not only how to do, but also what not to do.

How does it utilize Ugilic’s knowledge?

We are teaching it our own experiences (good and bad) from our real world cases in Ugilic. It knows our experiences with agile transitions and change processes, successful leadership paradigms, and sound agile values and principles.

If you just ask, it can even help you build your next high-performance team. And coach you in leading them afterward.

Which AI language model does it use?

We are building the virtual consultant using the latest GPT version from OpenAI. Currently, it’s GPT-4-turbo released in November 2023.

Please note: Your conversations with our virtual agile coach are NOT used by OpenAI to train future models! (unlike using ChatGPT.)

Even though it is highly trained, it is still a newborn with much to learn. Constantly undergoing continuous improvement. Are using it, please share any thoughts or experiences with us by using the feedback form.


3 tips to get a good start

How to get started? Just say ‘hi’ to her. Or try following these few simple guidelines to get a good start:


Talk to her like she is a human being (not Google!) Present yourself and explain the background of your questions. Act like you would to a physical consultant.


Be specific about your context. Tell her why you are asking. Use details when describing your challenge


Itโ€™s a dialogue. Start with a broad topic and ask follow-ups. Be curious. Share your thoughts

Now, it’s time to unleash your agile challenges. Try it out above.

Please share your thoughts ๐Ÿ™

After using it and understanding its capabilities, please share your experiences and thoughts with us in this feedback form๐Ÿ™

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