Revolutionizing Agile Consulting: Meet our new AI-based agile advisor

With Virtual Ugilic, we activate 10 years of agile coaching experience. We strive to help as many people and organizations as possible with our knowledge and experience from years in the agile coaching and advisory business.
Our goal with this initiative is to make it much easier to access knowledge and advice exactly when needed. For free.

The way businesses work is constantly evolving. Companies are always looking for new solutions that can help them stay competitive. One of the most important aspects of modern business operations is agility – the ability to quickly adapt and respond to changes in the market. To this end, many organizations have adopted an agile approach. However, adopting the agile way of working can be a tough challenge, and that’s where agile consulting comes in.
A new solution, Virtual Ugilic’s AI-based Advisor, is revolutionizing agile consulting by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. By our initiative, ‘Virtual Ugilic’, we’ll explore how this cutting-edge technology can transform the world of agile consulting.

Transforming Agile Consulting with AI

Agile consulting is a valuable service that helps organizations effectively implement agile practices and improve their overall performance. However, traditional agile consulting can be time-consuming, expensive, and reliant on the availability of skilled consultants. We invented this AI-based agile advisor to change that.

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, the AI-based agile advisor can help you analyze your organization’s existing processes and practices, identify areas of improvement, and offer personalized recommendations for optimizing your agile implementation. This means that businesses no longer need to wait for an available consultant – or pay high fees for their services. Instead, they can take advantage of a cost-effective, 24/7 AI-powered advisor that offers expert advice tailored to their specific needs.

The full value of a face-to-face coaching session cannot (yet) be replaced by a chatbot, regardless of its intelligence. Complex facilitation tasks, in-depth personal and trust-based coaching sessions, or complex discussions based on a deep cultural or strategic understanding of an organization, are hard to grab for an AI model.

However, as highly experienced agile coaches, we find that a lot of the questions we often get can be answered in a much more cost-effective manner than by waiting for a meeting with your designated agile consultant. The discussion of different approaches to sprint planning, sparring on how to collaborate better across agile teams, ideas to improve team morale, the process and pitfalls when introducing user stories in a scrum team, a plan to improve product backlog health – or how to close the mile-wide gap between an old not-so-agile project-based organization and a new agile-based approach to value creation – and a ton of other similar topics. We believe you can get a long way (90 %?) by starting the discussion on such topics with our new AI-based agile advisor. It knows everything agile – we trained it to get “the right” pragmatic approach to problem-solving and coaching.

Thus, the AI-based agile advisory solution is not a replacement for classic agile coaching. It’s a supplement, letting your expensive agile consultant focus on your more complex challenges.

Our new AI-based advisor is continuously learning and improving through machine learning algorithms and our ongoing optimization based on your user feedback and valuable insights. Ultimately, this continuous improvement leads to more accurate advice and better results for you and your organization. It’s an optimization process with no end.

Embrace the Future of AI-based Consulting

As technology continues to advance, businesses must keep up with the latest innovations to remain competitive. By embracing our AI-based advisor, companies can ensure they stay ahead of the curve when it comes to agile implementation, making it easy for their own scrum masters, agile coaches, and leaders to get input and advice when needed.

One of the key benefits of using an AI advisor is its ability to provide tailored advice in real-time. The AI advisor can analyze your specific challenges and provide recommendations that are truly relevant and effective. Though, of course, it requres you to ‘set the stage’ with the right and relevant details describing your context for the discussion (exactly as you should with a physical consultant, BTW.) Real-time availability allows you to adapt more quickly and efficiently, improving your agility and reducing risk.

Let’s conclude

In conclusion, Virtual Ugilic’s AI-based agile advisor is poised to revolutionize the world of agile consulting. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, our innovative and free solution offers personalized, real-time advice that can help your and your organization improve your agile practices and stay competitive in the rapidly changing business landscape.
If you’re ready to embrace the future and transform your company’s approach to agile consulting, it’s time to consider trying out our AI advisor as your go-to resource. Experience the benefits of AI-powered approach to agile consulting.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Or if you just want to discuss AI’s impact on the advisory business in general.